Church of the Assumption of the Virgin

     The original Gothic chapel was rebuilt and enlarged in the early Baroque style in 1701. The new church replaced St. Bartholomeus´church, which used to stand in another place (Hrubá strana) and was closed and then pulled down under Joseph II.

Chapel from 1749

     It was built out of gratefulness for saving life. A statue of Virgin Mary from 1684 inside.

Town belfry

     It was built in the early 1900, with a bell from 1540 coming from the demolished St. Bartholomeus´church. In the 1970s, due to the reconstruction of the road, the belfry was moved to the present place.

Vrbas Museum

     For over 60 years the ground floor of the castle has been the seat of this museum, established by the headmaster and local historian, Jakub Vrbas. The museum displays a wide collection of valuable, interesting as well as curious historical objects. The castle is adjoined by a park with rare trees and a one-hundred-year-old dogs´ cemetery.


     It stands in the west of the town and is surrounded by a park. A quadrate lay-out with diagonally located towers has been preserved, as well as the comb vault on the ground floor. Today´s look was given to the castle during the Baroque reconstruction by the family of Liechtenstein in the 18th century.

     Visitors may be actracted by the castle and its exposition of the Vrbas museum with permanent displays of valuable as well as curious historical object; also by the church of the Assumption of the Virgin, which is a reconstruction of a former Marian chapel in the 18th century. You can also see the remains of the castle of Palánek, the local belfry, observatory, Virgin Mary´s Chapel or other places of interest. In the castle park there is a one-hundred-year-old dogs´cemetery and a lot of rare trees. Near the park an interesting building of Seidl´s villa is situated, built with elements of historicism and modernism by a Czech architect from Vienna, Leopold Bauer. The Room of Sports is to be found there.

     Ždánice is rich in folklore and sport. At present there are a lot of folklore groups: the Male Choir from Ždánice, a female choir called Ženičky, a folklore group called Ždáničan, children´s folklore group called Ždáničánek, Hradisko the dulcimer group, Young Dulcimer Group and Children´s Dulcimer Group..

     In Ždánice you can visit the local swimming pool, fitness room, football pitch, volleyball court, hockeyball pitch, multifunctional sports ground near the primary school and tennis courts near the castle park.

     The nearby wood was declared nature reserve in 1996, whose beauty attracts visitors to hiking or cycling trips in each season. Ždánice is the starting point of the nature trail through the Ždánický les. Other interesting places of natural beauty are the nature reserve called U Vrby, locality called Habrový or meadows Nad Jelenem. Bike trails No.473(direction Rajhradice – Koryčany) and 507(direction Moravian karst) run through the Ždánický les. You can also join the Kyjov wine trail and Moravian wine trail.

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